Monday, January 8, 2007

The true purpose of Blogging???

Hi, all. My Brother-in-law has implied that I am not using my Blog correctly. He says I should be "bitchin and moanin and puttin the world to rights". Well, here goes...I am going to talk about the number 1 topic of all who live in Saskatchewan...The Weather. Yup, The Weather. We seem obsessed here on the Prairies with The Weather. So, The Weather so far this winter has been unbelievably mild. We have had Chinook after Chinook all winter. We have had very little snow, virtually no cold at all - until today. We now have cold, snow, blowing snow , poor visibility and just plain crap. And, to make matters worse, I just noticed that my Lilac bushes are budding out. That's not bad enough? about the Highway workers - you know, those guys who are supposed to be out there, moving the snow off the highways and keeping people from getting killed - they are ON STRIKE. Yes, it's true...but only in Saskatchewan and in the dead of winter. How's THAT for bitchin' and moanin', Dougie?

That didn't feel as good as I thought it would, so I am not doing that again. I would rather use my Blog to keep family and friends up to date on what is going on in our lives....So there. And as soon as there is something exciting to report, I will.


Anonymous said...

love the blog..its fun isn't it?..although I need to update on mine. But yes Deni a great way to update on what's happenin.

christie said...

sorry I forgot to sign my name on my comment

Anonymous said...

so whats the happy word
you havent updated in ages
how far are you from calgary there
sarah was sweet 16 over the weekend so its nearly time to tell them were off to oz in the next 8 weeks or so short sharp shock i think is best anyway whats happenin over there hows the retirement plans going you must be gettin ready for mexico soon
well atlk to you soon