Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 2011.....

Has it really been 6 months since I wrote last?? Honestly, I don't know where the time goes sometimes....
Well, to catch up....the winter was longer and colder than normal, as I said before. We never saw our first Robin until March 1st - and then we saw 20 of them, sitting in a tree down the lane, singing their hearts out! That was it....Spring came in full force after that!

I just had a look at my list of posts and found an entry I started in April, which I never finished and did not publish....I have published it now, will forever remain one of those unfinished works of art / literature that someone will find in 100 years and auction off at a Christie's sale for a million bucks.

Something I hadn't covered in my unfinished masterpiece was the fact that our family has been blessed with two more baby boys...Adrienne, my gorgeous neice and her husband gave us a beautiful little guy on March 22nd and named him Cache Morrison. My nephew, Matthew, and his love gave us beautiful Joel Matthew on April 28th. All the parents, and Grandparents (!) are adjusting very well and the babies are just fine!
So, these two additions, along with Hunter (cousin Roberta's Grandson) who is nearly 2 now, are adding limbs to our Family Tree. (Which, by the way, is almost done and ready to be published! I sure would like to get that project done to the point where I am comfortable sharing it! It's been a tough one....)

As for M'Dooley and I, we have been busy as usual. We have had many projects on the go...typical that we can't possibly have just one...but our biggest project has been the back we go with before and after pictures....

Please notice the gawd-awful asphalt and, after 3 days of hard work - WOW!!

Of course, those crazy Poppies bloomed just in time to celebrate the new yard....

In May we went to help celebrate Gwen's birthday with a surprise was so much fun. Many bets were placed...would Gwen be mad - or cry? I placed my money on CRY...I won. OF COURSE she cried!!
Happy Birthday, Gwen - but a girl only gets one surprise party per decade!!

Gwen is 6' tall...that is her beautiful daughter towering over her! And Gwen's son is taller than both of 'em!

My friend, Jayne's daughter had a baby girl in May...babies are popping up all over! Congratulations to Holly, her husband, Grama Jayne et al! Grandchildren are the reward!

News Flash!! Nephew Micheal is getting married on August 6th!! That is going to be so much fun!

Sam 'n Erg will be coming this way in July, for the Starbelly Jam! Can't wait to see them! One question - will the Fish 'n Chip Tour be early this year or shall we stick to September???

Signing off for now - hope I haven't missed anything. If so, I will pick it up next time!

Some current pix of the pets...Dennis, of course, is camera shy and was sleeping in the bathtub!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April - Spring at last!

How wonderful that Spring finally arrived! It was a (relatively) long, cold winter here in Eden...we saw our first Robins on March 1st and they haven't stopped coming since!
We have almost completed the reno's now...just a bit more to go - and then the touch ups, of course, of everything we have nicked and messed up doing the work! never ends, I guess.

Two of my sisters - Padie and Ann - and I were able to get together for a few days...we were even together for Padie's birthday! It was alot of fun...lots of belly laughs. I hadn't had decent Wor WonTon or Fresh Rolls for so long...lunch at a little Chinese restaurant excited me alot!
Then, we found the funkiest, most wonderful store full of glitz and glitter! It was terrific and I fully intend to go back as soon as I can!

I forgot the camera...darn.
We are already planning another Sister's mini-vacation for next year...I hope Theres, Ag and Lorna can also make it!

I was able to get this (not so great) photo on the way back home...

The weather wasn't great while we were away so I was looking forward to getting back home to sunshine and warm termperatures. I had no idea how green it would become, after just a few days away. It almost took my breath are blooming, it is green everywhere you look!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy, Trustworthy Dog and Cat Food!

After reading a couple of books on dog and cat food - ingredients, processing, etc.,
we decided that if we want to feed our beloved pets good food- food we can trust -
then we have to make our own.

The books "Not Fit for a Dog" and"Foods your Pets will Die For" discuss in length the pet food recall of 2007, and the poisons and toxins that are LEGALLY allowed to be put into the commercial pet foods we all trust and spend lots of money on.
For instance...added to commercial pet foods are such wonderful things as
previously euthanized pets, diseased animals that weren't "good enough" for the human food chain, sawdust and other sweepings off of the processing plant floor, fur, chicken beaks, claws....
should I continue??
It doesn't take any longer to prepare food for our dogs and cats than it does to prepare food for ourselves.
We don't make anything fancy...brown rice (potatoes and pasta are good, too), meat and vegetables.. we use the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 method (one third each of carbs, meat and vegetables)
Of course, because cats are strictly Carnivores, Oreo and Dennis get only the meat.
We are happy to report that all of the animals appear to be doing very well on their new diet! Mimi has gained one full pound - she now weights 7.4 pounds! Her coat and skin are very healthy. The cats run around the house alot more than before - yes, even pudgy Oreo. Paddy the Pyr is - well, he's a puppy and a big galoot to begin with so we haven't noticed much change in him. Yet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 - A new year, a new beginning....

Oh, my my last entry, I forgot to mention our annual
Fish 'N Chip Tour...
my deepest apologies to Sam and Erg...

every year, around the 4th or so of September, for oh, I don't know how many years...7 maybe?? - we have been coming to this area on holiday (long before we moved here), and eat Fish 'n Chips every where we go, for about 5 days.
We consider it our duty - our
gift to the world, if you will - to find the world's best Fish 'n Chips. We thought we found them once but we were wrong. I know, I know...we should give them another chance but...well, frankly, we have moved on.
We ate Fish 'N Chips for three days straight this past year - I
felt like I had a ball of lard rolled up in my tummy...gross...Erg and I finally caved...I had salad, he had Fettucini.
For 2010, we all agree...Jack's Kokanee Inn is the Winner!
This past fall - on my Birthday, M'Dooley and I discovered THE place to add to our 2011 Fish 'N Chip Tour...
we think we have a new winner on our hands...
but we are not disclosing the location until Tour Week....

So, life in Eden continues to be wonderful....Bob and Ag came out for a visit in November...too bad it was so cold. But, on the upside, I haven't had so many belly laughs in ages!
But we had a great week with them and can't wait for them to come back!
Thanks for making the trip, you guys!

We have had snow since December...and has been unusually cold this winter. It got down to -15*C one night! I know, I know, I shouldn't complain...the temperatures here are balmy compared to what we are used to - things are so much worse at home but winter is winter and
I am tired of it.

Yesterday (Jan 8) it was +10*C so I think (HOPE!) Spring is on it's way!

Our Christmas tree, in our newly completed family room!

Christmas morning - our walk on the beach...
so different from last year (no snow) to this year (LOTS of snow!)...but the Lake doesn't freeze!
No Ice Fishing here!!

Paddy and Mimi enjoyed their romp on the beach alot!

See how well behaved he is?!
Don't come, Paddy.
Good Boy.
Our friends, Ing, Dutchie and Norma came for Christmas dinner - we had a great time! Lots of laughs, lots of champagne and great food!

Boxing Day - Darryll and Liam arrived!!
The Dooley Boys....

Liam and Paddy...I don't know who had more fun...they wrestled and played chase for a week! I had no idea how much a dog needs a boy...

New Year's Eve, with Ing and Dutchie...

M'Dooley and I were honoured to be elected to the local Legion Branch executive.
The Installation Ceremony was yesterday.

And I guess that about brings us up to date...
till next time, a very Happy and Prosperous 2011 to all of my family and friends.
Keep in touch.
I love you all.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing Catch-up...

Well, where did I leave off?? I think it was June when I wrote last...the entire summer has flown past and now it is Thanksgiving weekend...
July - WOW! Can
you believe it...we spent a few days, meandering our way back was a wonderful trip. We took a completely different route, and stopped and explored whenever we felt like it. We found a place called...wait for it...DOOLEY, MONTANA! Yep, it's true...and here's the proof...

The town ceased being a town in 1957... all that is left is one house (I guess the "town" caretaker lives there), the old Church that is falling down, this big rock and a whole bunch of tumble weed. We have no idea how we navigated these smallcountry lanes, with cattle gates every 1/4 mile...all in our 32' motorhome....but we made it.

We had lots of fun at Graham's birthday party...great to see all our friends again...Casey and Steve are engaged now - getting married on 10-10-10! Congratulations to them! They are taking Graham on their honeymoon with them, to Banff. From Banff, Graham is coming to visit us! Looking forward to it!

We enjoyed dinner with my sisters, brothers, cousins, Aunt and Uncle Bob. Glad to report that Uncle Bob is feeling fairly well - and certainly got his appetite back! Keep up the fight, Uncle Bob! And the newest addition - Hunter, 7 months old is a terrific looking little guy. And really good, too! He just ate his supper and napped...excellent restaurant manners! It was so special to see all my sibs's been over a year. I have missed you all and love you very much. While we were home, I talked to an old school chum that I lost touch with...Ester! I was lucky enough to be able to chat with her for a few minutes - for the first time in 'way too many years! I hope that we will be able to get together someday soon...

Then, in August - my precious Katie...decided that she didn't want to come spend the summer with us...she's 13 now and full of the teenaged angst...I guess she just doesn't realize how cool her Grampa and I really are...she prefered to stay at home, with her friends. Sigh...but, we ARE cool...aren't we, Hailey?!

Hailey came - she knows how cool we are...we had so much fun,
picking Cherries, going to the beach, the splash park, hanging out..
.I can't wait to do it again!

What great fun we had!
Hailey is such a wonderful little girl, with a fantastic sense of humor!

In September, we were thrilled to be able to meet up with old friends again, at one of their reunion concerts. The Carlton Showband, reunited after 14 years. We saw Fred and his wife MaryAnn about 5 years ago but other than that, we hadn't seen the rest of the guys since their farewell tour
"Time Gentlemen, Please".

We met up with friends John and Nicole and all had a blast during the show and for a drink and a visit with the guys afterwards!
Thanks for a wonderful birthday, guys!

And now it's October, Thanksgiving weekend - have I mentioned that already? So far this fall I have taken a Creative Writing workshop (it was okay) and a Paper Painting workshop (FANtastic!!) I LOVED it! I think I must pursue this...I hope my play time with clay and buttons doesn't suffer too much.
And M'Dooley gave me another dog!! Yay! I have yearned for the pitter patter of little paws on the kitchen floor for a long, long time. I still have my Mimi, of course, and love her to bits but I have missed my Lily very much. I now have a little boy - a Great Pyrenees little boy!! Look at this..................

He's a bit underweight but should not take long to get his weight up.

And then there's Mimi...take a look at her face....

How thrilled do you think she is at having a big galoot of a brother around the house?
I think not too thrilled. Hopefully she'll adjust....Dennis doesn't seem to mind the boy at all but Oreo had him backed into a corner last night. Sigh...this may not be as easy as we had hoped!

We are having our dear friends over for the big turkey meal on Sunday...looking forward to it.
Let's talk again soon, okay?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spring in Eden.....

Welcome to March!
In like a lamb, out like a lamb - unless you count the couple days of rain we've had. But really, who can complain? This is the only rain we've had all sure has greened the grass up. We have had flowers for a few weeks already - crocuses and some wonderful little purple things (I have no idea what they are!). The daffs and tulips have all been up for ages and I can't wait until they bloom. The trees are all about to burst into leaf....I love this place!
I am going to get my little pond going this week - and this year, I am even going to put in a fish or two!

Padie and Ken came for Easter. That was wonderful! Unfortunately, the hot March weather didn't hold up for their visit and now Padz thinks I made the whole thing up! Honest...March was fantastic!
But the cool
April weather really was okay...
April Sh
owers bring May Flowers, or so they say.
While out exploring, we saw some fabulous looking flowers growing in the low-lying areas. Ken and Padie investigated and brought back two of them. We took them home, put them in a vase...the next morning, the entire kitchen stank to high heaven...they were SKUNK WEEDS!! YIKES!

Padz and Ken left on the Monday morning...who walks in on Monday evening?? Our daughter! Yippee! She is newly engaged and brought her beau with her, for Mommy and Daddy's approval. He is a wonderful man and yes, we approve! Our angel Granddaughters were not with them, however. Sad for us but we will be having them for (hopefully) a whole month this summer...can't wait!
Well, if April Showers bring May Flowers, what do April AND May showers bring?
Rain, rain and more rain but it's not cold and it sure hasn't stopped the flowers from blooming - or the grass from greening - or the weeds from growing!
Dad's Rose Bush had it's first bud in May...we had a touch of frost one night (yes, it's true!) and the bud got nipped but, the bud carried on and bloomed out! Kind of a wilted looking flower, with ragged edges but still..a Rose is a Rose.

M'Dooley decided to investigate what this "Asperagus Farming" is all about and signed on at one of the local farms...he is running a picking crew and is having a ball! Learning lots about Asperagus, learned to drive a tractor (!), and has made friends...
life is good.

Mimi...errrr, Sylvia...has had dental work. She had a couple of bad teeth; her doctor at home felt that she was too old for the anasthetic that would be necessary... On the advise of her Hairdresser, I found a doctor in, shall we say, a foreign country, who felt that she would be fine...I went ahead and did it. I was nervous all day...what if it was too much for her? What if her heart failed? She is thirteen, after all...
With her leaky heart valve...
But, she came through it all with flying colors! She is very happy, healthy and just as bouncy as she always was - or more so! And she can still eat her raw veggies, which she loves so much.
Life is good for her, also.

The Blossom Festival was fun...we weren't here for the entire festival last year -
after all, we have only just been here one year!

Happy Anniversary to us!
Anyway, back to the friend, Ingrid, and I drove the truck, pulling our company trailer, in the parade. Lots of laughs, thanks, Ing!

And now it's June...our garden is coming together.
The Jurasic Park Poppies are up again this year... huge, orange and peach poppies.
Wow, are they beautiful.

Dad's Rose Bush continues to thrive in it's new home,

the Lupins have gone crazy and I have found more Iris' in the patch that had been neglected for years....we are still discovering things in the garden and are being constantly surprised.

The Hummingbirds surprise us, by their sheer numbers...and they are so bold!
They will just buzz us, if they feel like it...quite entertaining.

M'Dooley found a green plant of some sort, crawling along the ground, by the patio. He tied it to the trellis then discovered it had little fruits on's an Apple tree! How wonderful!

So, now we wait for July, when we go home to visit family, friends and attend our friend Graham's birthday party.
We will be bringing our Angel Granddaughters back with us - we are so excited!
Can't wait to see everyone! Till then...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The second decade of the New Millennium...

Hello and welcome to the 2nd decade of the New Millennium! Wow, I can't believe how time flies... M'Dooley and I went to Ireland to visit family, "for the Millennium" - which, at that time, meant New Years' Eve, December 31, 1999! I can't believe it has been 10 years since then. Remember the Y2K foolishness? Remember how folks thought that the entire world would come grinding to a halt? Yes, some even thought that planes would not be able to fly because the instruments were not "calibrated" to operate during the year 2000. Yes, well, we survived - planes did not drop out of the sky, computers around the world did not go into a mass-crash...the world kept right on turning. And now, we're 10 years into it!
Wow, again.

January was wonderful and snowed a bit but was gone right away. We went home to see my Angels... I was really missing them. I was also able to see one of my Uncles...the baby of the family! I was happy to be able to visit for a moment or two. ( I am looking forward to a longer visit, maybe in the summer.) But JEEZ! Was it cold there! I guess my body acclimatized without my knowing it.
Poor, Sylvia...she flatly refused to go outside to , know.
We had to carry her outside, put her down and ord
er her to, know.

January was also the month that the Olympic Torch came through friend, Johanna was chosen to carry the Torch...what an exciting day. The streets were lined with Edenites; it was a sea of great, big grins!
I was very proud to be a Canadian.

Afterwards, Johanna was nice enough to let me hold her Torch! Wow... it was a thrill for me!

And then she let me try on her official Torch carrying jacket - what a great day!

So, our warm January temperatures led into February and before we knew it, it was
Valentines Day. To celebrate the day, M'Dooley had a picnic planned.

He took me up the lake, we hopped on the Ferry and went on a
Great Exploration. It was a great day
...they had SNOW over there!
Who'd have thought??
The temperatures here have been in the high single digits...I keep waiting for the winter but it doesn't seem to come. It is now the end of February and it is sweater weather out there. On Ground Hog Day, I was waiting to hear what the verdict would be...guess what? They don't even HAVE a Ground Hog here...
Ground Hog Day is insignificant in Eden...there is just no such thing!
I must admit, I have worn boots and a down-filled jacket but only because I felt I should. It IS winter, after all.
But, the winter clothes that I am used to are just totally unnecessary here. What a wonderful life.

The Renos continue to roll along...M'Dooley is doing a beautiful job...

This is the future Pub area....

A few days later, it looked like this:

And every day, it gets better and better. Soon, we will start on the main living area. Yippee!

Word is that Padie and Ken will be coming out for Easter...They will be so surprized at what we have accomplished in the few short months since their last visit! We are hoping for lots of visits by family and friends this year! Until then, everyone, take care, lots of love and let us know when you will be arriving!
Oh, yeah...our neighbour was out mowing his lawn two days ago...just thought you might like to know that!

This edition of Living on the Ledge is dedicated to the memory of my Uncle Frank who, sadly, passed away on January 11, 2010. R.I.P...may we meet again.