Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lotus Land in the Spring

Lotus Land...YEP. Imagine that. Here we are. And the livin' is easy..
Still living in the Motor Home for now but will be in the new house on the 1st. MoHo living is okay as long as we can keep somewhat organized. The "girls" - Mim...errr, I mean Sylvia, Oreo and Dennis actually enjoy it...hmmm who would have thought that they'd take to full-time RVing like this.
I hope they settle into their new home as easily. Us? Well, we are managing just fine, thank you!
I am so sorry that Lily is not here with us...she passed away a month ago. It was my dearest wish to give her a more temperate climate in which to live out her remaining time. We were able to bring her here in January, though, so she did get to see the place and experience Lotus Land in the winter - and she loved it! Every girl deserves a winter holiday. The temperature was 32* yesterday - in MAY! Who has ever heard of such a thing? The laundry was dry in no time! We went over to the house yesterday and started on our garden design...we planted my Dad's Rose Bush, which, of course, we brought with us. Getting it here safely was quite the challange but that is fodder for a separate paragraph...
Today, M'Dooley and I have volunteered (sheesh! We are not even in our new home yet and these people have welcomed us with open arms!) to work a garage sale which is raising money for Breast Cancer research. Hey, which reminds me...garagae sales around here start at 7:30 IN THE MORNING!! Oh my goodness!! They are pretty serious about it, I'm thinking. And rightly so...
Well, I need to get this posted but will update once we are actually IN the house...till then....Life On The Ledge Is Pretty Exciting.

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