Monday, February 11, 2008

So much has happened since Easter...

Wow. I can't believe I haven't even thought of my Blog since Easter of '07. I only just read a comment from my Creston friend, Ingrid, which has spurred me into action! In checking, I have two drafts in my Blog so I guess I have thought of it...I just don't remember. Too bad I didn't publish them at the time.

This has been quite the year (feels like 15!) for my family. So much to say but somehow the words don't come.

THE WEATHER has been frightful. It feels like it's been bloody freezing since October. We've had -57 degree weeks, a few -30 degree weeks and now we're into a warm spell...-27. Swimmin' weather. My Angels are still angelic, M'Dooley is still wonderful (although he has a cold at the moment - not a pretty sight by any stretch of the imagination).

When it's this cold, it's hard to even imagine that Spring is around the corner. Maybe by then, I'll be in a more chatty mood. Till then...

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Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung is Creston BC. Property values are supposedly going up, nice to see you have done some semblance of updating your blog. Have a great great day. Thinking of the two of you in sunny Creston. haha

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