Monday, April 16, 2007


Well! Easter was great! We had a full house, everyone brought something for dinner and together we prepared the feast! There were 17 of us and we had a blast. We missed Mike and Christie, Butch, Lorna, AD and Justin, though. Maybe next time...
And how ridiculous is the fact that no-one took pictures?! Scheesh, I was mad when I realized that!!

Yesterday, I saw my first Robin of the year! Spring has no choice, now, but to arrive - and STAY. As a matter of fact, I went directly into my garden and started digging in the dirt, immediately after seeing that Robin. I am not giving Spring a chance to change it's mind.

The Red Hat Divas met on Friday night.
A bit of wine and lots of laughs!
We are such a serious bunch...

My Angels came for a sleep over on Saturday night. Finally, Katie decided that Grama and Grampa aren't such a pair of old fuddy-duddies after all! The Easter Bunny decided that they could start their own flowers for their flower gardens this year, so that's what we did. My Angels were quite impressed with themselves, planting their own seeds, specifically chosen for the types of gardens they prefer. Katie loves having a butterfly & Fairy garden, so she has yellow and purple flower seeds. The Hailey likes anything that resembles a "flala" so she planted all different colors. I can't wait to see their faces when the seeds germinate!


Anonymous said...

Ok you guys, It is now January 2008. What kind of blogging is this. Happy New Year you two. I wish you health wealth and a bottle of Creston Hooch. Ingrid

Beulah said...

Well said.