Sunday, August 9, 2009

August in Paradise

Dad's rose bush is pounding out another full wonderful! The most perfect rose appeared on August 4th with about 7 more buds that will be exploding within the next few days. I was so excited, I almost cried. Looking at the bush from the Solarium this morning, I see that three of those buds are going to explode very soon...I'll post photos when it happens.

I am going through bouts of homesickness. Who thought? Moving to a different world, no matter how one prepares, is a tough thing...I miss my "home girls" and my "peeps". Thank goodness for the phone and the Internet. What did the pioneers do, I wonder? How did my parents cope, moving to Canada from the other side of the world? Back then (in 1949), a town was lucky just to have one telephone office where everyone used that phone. And only in the case of calling someone up just to chat... No one had their own phone and computers hadn't even been invented! I would imagine that they went through the same homesickness but combated it with hard, backbreaking know, the kind of work that keeps food on the table. Oh, we are so spoiled now...thanks, Mum and Dad, for working so hard so that we could have so much...

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