Tuesday, September 15, 2009

and August fades into September...

Did you see the Rider game on Sunday? Wow... are we good. We actually played like a TEAM...fantastic.

Well, our friends' son and daughter in law passed through and spent the night with us before carrying on their travels. What great kids they are. We also had a wonderful visit from Sam and Erg...short but wonderful. We went camping up at Pilot Bay. The fabulous weather we have been bragging about did not hold...it was rainy and chilly, but we didn't care. Being together, no matter how poopy the weather, was far more important. The weather is - once again- terrific.. Bouncing between 25 and 30...still lots of summer left.

Terry and Kevin passed through on their way to Guatamala...ride safely, we want to see you again in May. We are now looking forward to a visit with Dan and Gwen at the end of the month.

I have made Huckleberry jam. YUM!! I didn't even know there was such a thing...I thought Huckleberry was part of some kid's name..I sure didn't know that it was an actual berry. I am learning all sorts of things about my new environment.

I have also learned a valuable lesson in hydration...beer is not water! Who knew? In hot weather, drink lots of water...make your second beer a glass of water. Words to live by.

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