Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Season on the Ledge

Well, the Autumn season is almost at an end around here..."Winter" arrives tomorrow at 12:47 pm.. I can hardly wait! At home, "winter" arrives around Eden, it appears to arrive when it is supposed to...December 21st and not a moment sooner! Oh, sure, we've had some snow ..but it hasn't stayed. We had a wonderful snowfall the other night...but then it rained - but only enough to wash away the snow. We love living here.
This will be an odd Christmas for us this year...we won't be going home. None of our family will be coming here, either. Our kids can't come and my brothers and sisters can't come. We will have a couple of friends and neighbours over for Christmas dinner so it won't just be the two of us, but still...I've had my moments already. People have asked what we are doing for reply so far has been " I'm going to try not to bawl all day." It happens, I guess, in families where the parents are gone and the kids have to be their own glue to hold the family together. Once the parents are no longer with us...well...we all have to find a way to be grown ups and stay together. How hard is this. How sad for me and how sad for my brothers and sisters. You'd think that we would know better. It's not just the miles that separate us, I s'pose. Maybe next year can be different. Each person in every family represents a certain amount of takes all the glue to stick the picture together...

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