Saturday, November 7, 2009

November in Eden...

Well, Thanksgiving with Kath The Slapper was wonderful. Don't even know what to say...we packed alot of living into 2 1/2 days!! Thanks for making it, Kath...I know the flights were awful but am so glad you came!

We are happy to report that our Oreo has rallied quite a bit and seems fully recovered from her little Stroke episode. As you can see, she is quite happy with the barest of life's basics. She is, however, doing all the right things...trying to consume fewer caleries (you'll note that her Miller is 64 calories) and she is not holding the remote...she is keeping her muscles in shape by reaching for the remote. And getting plenty of rest. She has learned the value of a healthy lifestyle. Clearly Eden is good for her, as well.

Remember the Jurassic Park Poppies?? Well, have a look at this! M'Dooley and I were rather surprised to see this guy on the outside of our house one morning..November in Eden is really something.
On our morning walk earlier this week we saw two ROBINS.
We had a bit of rain overnight on Thursday and
while out for a walk on Friday, I saw two little birds bathing in a puddle on the side of the road. Remember, this is November, folks. Wow again.

And, as if anything could make this better... there are still flowers blooming in my garden.
Not alot but some.
And some are better
than none.

Renos at the new homestead are rolling right along. We have accomplished quite's one of those things that you just have to plug away at. We installed the new front door - after we painted it bright red!
We just love it...

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