Sunday, February 28, 2010

The second decade of the New Millennium...

Hello and welcome to the 2nd decade of the New Millennium! Wow, I can't believe how time flies... M'Dooley and I went to Ireland to visit family, "for the Millennium" - which, at that time, meant New Years' Eve, December 31, 1999! I can't believe it has been 10 years since then. Remember the Y2K foolishness? Remember how folks thought that the entire world would come grinding to a halt? Yes, some even thought that planes would not be able to fly because the instruments were not "calibrated" to operate during the year 2000. Yes, well, we survived - planes did not drop out of the sky, computers around the world did not go into a mass-crash...the world kept right on turning. And now, we're 10 years into it!
Wow, again.

January was wonderful and snowed a bit but was gone right away. We went home to see my Angels... I was really missing them. I was also able to see one of my Uncles...the baby of the family! I was happy to be able to visit for a moment or two. ( I am looking forward to a longer visit, maybe in the summer.) But JEEZ! Was it cold there! I guess my body acclimatized without my knowing it.
Poor, Sylvia...she flatly refused to go outside to , know.
We had to carry her outside, put her down and ord
er her to, know.

January was also the month that the Olympic Torch came through friend, Johanna was chosen to carry the Torch...what an exciting day. The streets were lined with Edenites; it was a sea of great, big grins!
I was very proud to be a Canadian.

Afterwards, Johanna was nice enough to let me hold her Torch! Wow... it was a thrill for me!

And then she let me try on her official Torch carrying jacket - what a great day!

So, our warm January temperatures led into February and before we knew it, it was
Valentines Day. To celebrate the day, M'Dooley had a picnic planned.

He took me up the lake, we hopped on the Ferry and went on a
Great Exploration. It was a great day
...they had SNOW over there!
Who'd have thought??
The temperatures here have been in the high single digits...I keep waiting for the winter but it doesn't seem to come. It is now the end of February and it is sweater weather out there. On Ground Hog Day, I was waiting to hear what the verdict would be...guess what? They don't even HAVE a Ground Hog here...
Ground Hog Day is insignificant in Eden...there is just no such thing!
I must admit, I have worn boots and a down-filled jacket but only because I felt I should. It IS winter, after all.
But, the winter clothes that I am used to are just totally unnecessary here. What a wonderful life.

The Renos continue to roll along...M'Dooley is doing a beautiful job...

This is the future Pub area....

A few days later, it looked like this:

And every day, it gets better and better. Soon, we will start on the main living area. Yippee!

Word is that Padie and Ken will be coming out for Easter...They will be so surprized at what we have accomplished in the few short months since their last visit! We are hoping for lots of visits by family and friends this year! Until then, everyone, take care, lots of love and let us know when you will be arriving!
Oh, yeah...our neighbour was out mowing his lawn two days ago...just thought you might like to know that!

This edition of Living on the Ledge is dedicated to the memory of my Uncle Frank who, sadly, passed away on January 11, 2010. R.I.P...may we meet again.

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