Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 - A new year, a new beginning....

Oh, my my last entry, I forgot to mention our annual
Fish 'N Chip Tour...
my deepest apologies to Sam and Erg...

every year, around the 4th or so of September, for oh, I don't know how many years...7 maybe?? - we have been coming to this area on holiday (long before we moved here), and eat Fish 'n Chips every where we go, for about 5 days.
We consider it our duty - our
gift to the world, if you will - to find the world's best Fish 'n Chips. We thought we found them once but we were wrong. I know, I know...we should give them another chance but...well, frankly, we have moved on.
We ate Fish 'N Chips for three days straight this past year - I
felt like I had a ball of lard rolled up in my tummy...gross...Erg and I finally caved...I had salad, he had Fettucini.
For 2010, we all agree...Jack's Kokanee Inn is the Winner!
This past fall - on my Birthday, M'Dooley and I discovered THE place to add to our 2011 Fish 'N Chip Tour...
we think we have a new winner on our hands...
but we are not disclosing the location until Tour Week....

So, life in Eden continues to be wonderful....Bob and Ag came out for a visit in November...too bad it was so cold. But, on the upside, I haven't had so many belly laughs in ages!
But we had a great week with them and can't wait for them to come back!
Thanks for making the trip, you guys!

We have had snow since December...and has been unusually cold this winter. It got down to -15*C one night! I know, I know, I shouldn't complain...the temperatures here are balmy compared to what we are used to - things are so much worse at home but winter is winter and
I am tired of it.

Yesterday (Jan 8) it was +10*C so I think (HOPE!) Spring is on it's way!

Our Christmas tree, in our newly completed family room!

Christmas morning - our walk on the beach...
so different from last year (no snow) to this year (LOTS of snow!)...but the Lake doesn't freeze!
No Ice Fishing here!!

Paddy and Mimi enjoyed their romp on the beach alot!

See how well behaved he is?!
Don't come, Paddy.
Good Boy.
Our friends, Ing, Dutchie and Norma came for Christmas dinner - we had a great time! Lots of laughs, lots of champagne and great food!

Boxing Day - Darryll and Liam arrived!!
The Dooley Boys....

Liam and Paddy...I don't know who had more fun...they wrestled and played chase for a week! I had no idea how much a dog needs a boy...

New Year's Eve, with Ing and Dutchie...

M'Dooley and I were honoured to be elected to the local Legion Branch executive.
The Installation Ceremony was yesterday.

And I guess that about brings us up to date...
till next time, a very Happy and Prosperous 2011 to all of my family and friends.
Keep in touch.
I love you all.

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