Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy, Trustworthy Dog and Cat Food!

After reading a couple of books on dog and cat food - ingredients, processing, etc.,
we decided that if we want to feed our beloved pets good food- food we can trust -
then we have to make our own.

The books "Not Fit for a Dog" and"Foods your Pets will Die For" discuss in length the pet food recall of 2007, and the poisons and toxins that are LEGALLY allowed to be put into the commercial pet foods we all trust and spend lots of money on.
For instance...added to commercial pet foods are such wonderful things as
previously euthanized pets, diseased animals that weren't "good enough" for the human food chain, sawdust and other sweepings off of the processing plant floor, fur, chicken beaks, claws....
should I continue??
It doesn't take any longer to prepare food for our dogs and cats than it does to prepare food for ourselves.
We don't make anything fancy...brown rice (potatoes and pasta are good, too), meat and vegetables.. we use the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 method (one third each of carbs, meat and vegetables)
Of course, because cats are strictly Carnivores, Oreo and Dennis get only the meat.
We are happy to report that all of the animals appear to be doing very well on their new diet! Mimi has gained one full pound - she now weights 7.4 pounds! Her coat and skin are very healthy. The cats run around the house alot more than before - yes, even pudgy Oreo. Paddy the Pyr is - well, he's a puppy and a big galoot to begin with so we haven't noticed much change in him. Yet.

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