Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 2011.....

Has it really been 6 months since I wrote last?? Honestly, I don't know where the time goes sometimes....
Well, to catch up....the winter was longer and colder than normal, as I said before. We never saw our first Robin until March 1st - and then we saw 20 of them, sitting in a tree down the lane, singing their hearts out! That was it....Spring came in full force after that!

I just had a look at my list of posts and found an entry I started in April, which I never finished and did not publish....I have published it now, will forever remain one of those unfinished works of art / literature that someone will find in 100 years and auction off at a Christie's sale for a million bucks.

Something I hadn't covered in my unfinished masterpiece was the fact that our family has been blessed with two more baby boys...Adrienne, my gorgeous neice and her husband gave us a beautiful little guy on March 22nd and named him Cache Morrison. My nephew, Matthew, and his love gave us beautiful Joel Matthew on April 28th. All the parents, and Grandparents (!) are adjusting very well and the babies are just fine!
So, these two additions, along with Hunter (cousin Roberta's Grandson) who is nearly 2 now, are adding limbs to our Family Tree. (Which, by the way, is almost done and ready to be published! I sure would like to get that project done to the point where I am comfortable sharing it! It's been a tough one....)

As for M'Dooley and I, we have been busy as usual. We have had many projects on the go...typical that we can't possibly have just one...but our biggest project has been the back we go with before and after pictures....

Please notice the gawd-awful asphalt and, after 3 days of hard work - WOW!!

Of course, those crazy Poppies bloomed just in time to celebrate the new yard....

In May we went to help celebrate Gwen's birthday with a surprise was so much fun. Many bets were placed...would Gwen be mad - or cry? I placed my money on CRY...I won. OF COURSE she cried!!
Happy Birthday, Gwen - but a girl only gets one surprise party per decade!!

Gwen is 6' tall...that is her beautiful daughter towering over her! And Gwen's son is taller than both of 'em!

My friend, Jayne's daughter had a baby girl in May...babies are popping up all over! Congratulations to Holly, her husband, Grama Jayne et al! Grandchildren are the reward!

News Flash!! Nephew Micheal is getting married on August 6th!! That is going to be so much fun!

Sam 'n Erg will be coming this way in July, for the Starbelly Jam! Can't wait to see them! One question - will the Fish 'n Chip Tour be early this year or shall we stick to September???

Signing off for now - hope I haven't missed anything. If so, I will pick it up next time!

Some current pix of the pets...Dennis, of course, is camera shy and was sleeping in the bathtub!

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