Thursday, April 14, 2011

April - Spring at last!

How wonderful that Spring finally arrived! It was a (relatively) long, cold winter here in Eden...we saw our first Robins on March 1st and they haven't stopped coming since!
We have almost completed the reno's now...just a bit more to go - and then the touch ups, of course, of everything we have nicked and messed up doing the work! never ends, I guess.

Two of my sisters - Padie and Ann - and I were able to get together for a few days...we were even together for Padie's birthday! It was alot of fun...lots of belly laughs. I hadn't had decent Wor WonTon or Fresh Rolls for so long...lunch at a little Chinese restaurant excited me alot!
Then, we found the funkiest, most wonderful store full of glitz and glitter! It was terrific and I fully intend to go back as soon as I can!

I forgot the camera...darn.
We are already planning another Sister's mini-vacation for next year...I hope Theres, Ag and Lorna can also make it!

I was able to get this (not so great) photo on the way back home...

The weather wasn't great while we were away so I was looking forward to getting back home to sunshine and warm termperatures. I had no idea how green it would become, after just a few days away. It almost took my breath are blooming, it is green everywhere you look!

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