Friday, February 23, 2007

Apres Mexico!

Hola! Well! I don't even know where to begin...our vacation was fantastic! Coming home wasn't so great, though...going from +30* to -30* in 4 hours wasn't much fun...but there I go again...The Weather. But never mind that. It can't last forever.
Mexico! Wow, we sucked all the fun out of that place in one short week. When we arrived, our room wasn't quite ready so we were forced to sit by the pool and drink a Cervesa, where I ran into an old friend, Shawn. What a small world. Speaking of small worlds, it was like a bloody SaskTel reunion down there! M'Dooley ran into so many people he knows; it was crazy. That has never happened to us before.

Ann and Jim arrived safely
from Calgary later that same day
and the fun began!

What a hoot! We enjoyed the Malecon; so much to see and do & of course, frequent Cervesa or Margarita breaks! Jim and I had to struggle to get through the Margaritas at Pipi's! I ended up a little looped...I say that is because all the booze settled into the little divot at the bottom of the glass!

We met up with our other sister, Theresa, her husband Ray and a couple of friends at the No Name Bar!

We walked at least 10 miles a day (or it felt like it by evening!)
We shopped, laughed our heads off,
went People Watching on the Malecon.
Very interesting - and

We went Whale watching in the Bay,
We even swam with the Dolphins! That is an experience everyone should have. WOW! Unfortunately, no photos of that yet...but I will try to find a way to get some "stills" off of the video and get them on here....You won't believe it!!

While we were at the Dolphin Centre, we went into a small courtyard.
There were these huge birds, just living there. Ann & I fed a big one, right out of our hands. It was kinda scary...

The Four of Us -
Ann, Jim, M'Dooley & I -who are solely & proudly responsible for sucking all of the fun out of PV in one short week.

And the sun sets on
another fabulous vacation
in Mexico - till next time!

(Note: I believe you can click on any photo to enlarge it.)

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Sam said...

Awesome, the pictures. What a good bunch of fun suckers you are!