Saturday, March 10, 2007

Here we go again...not sleeping...

Well...2:21 a.m. and I'm not sleeping. WHAT is THIS ABOUT???
I really miss Mexico...
get over it, Princess! Ok! Ok! I will!!
Let's see...

Oh, did I tell you that I have a JOB??!! I accepted a 5 month contract with a financial institution, in February. I work part-time, 3 days one week, 2 days the next, until July 13th. I like it alot - I have missed working, the action of getting up in the mornings with a schedule in mind. I have also missed the interaction with people. I hadn't worked since April of 2006 - I guess you would call me semi-retired. The summer was fantastic - there is absolutely nothing I would rather do than work in my garden but the winter was tough. Hard to work in the garden during a Saskatchewan winter. And not much else seems to hold my interest for extended periods of time. Certainly not housework.

Because of having an outside job now, I can't have My Angels as often as I like. Although I can't tell The Hailey that or she'll pack her clothes and Dora and demand to be brought over here. A couple of weeks ago, she announced to her parents and Katie that they HAD to bring her over because "my Grama and Grampa miss me!"

On a very sad note...I have had to give up my volunteer work at the Food Bank...that is hard to take. I had found my niche but I know I will get my groove back. Unfortunately, family stuff and my new JOB just did not leave me with the disposable time - or energy - for my Food Bank stuff...I wish there were more of me to go around. I really do. The Food Bank was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. I would encourage all of you, if you have some time, to try it. With no pay-cheque involved, I received more from that "job" than I have - EVER - from any other. I miss the people I worked with and for. I miss our clients, although I know none of them personally...but when we talked, chatted and even - in their circumstances - we were able to share a laugh or two. There's not a better feeling in the world than feeling WORTHWHILE. That's what I got out of it...feeling WORTHWHILE, NEEDED, APPRECIATED. Wow!

We had a few days of wonderful The Weather (sigh - again!) Record breaking temperatures, +20* one weekend! We really thought Spring had arrived, but we were wrong. It's cold again (not -50 or anything, but still cold and damp). With the threat of Spring, Lily has headed back to her tree in the yard where, for the past 9 years a Squirrel has lived. No idea if it is the same Squirrel but every year, one ends up there, with the sole purpose of tormenting the hell out of Lily. The Squirrel is very tame...last year, he came up onto the back deck to stare me in the face. Then he followed me around the front of the house and ran up my leg! Those little suckers have sharp claws! Good thing I was wearing jeans!

April 1st was M'Dooley's birthday. No Kidding! I love it that his birthday falls on April 1st.
It gives way to a whole new prank one can pull.
Deb, our daughter (who is a brilliantly creative baker - she gets it from ME) made her Daddy one of the most terrific birthday cakes I have ever seen!

This is his cake.
I was gagging as I put the candles in!
But it sure tasted good!

This is Easter weekend. Ann and Jim arrived from Lethbridge last night. The whole family will be coming over for dinner on Sunday. Dad doesn't want Turkey...he says it's too much trouble. He wants Chicken and Ham instead! So, with the help of my brothers and sisters, we are putting on an Easter feast! Somehow I have to get this house cleaned up!

Today is my sister, Padie's 50th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Padie! Can't wait to see you!

That's it for now. I'll fill you in on how Easter goes and post some photos for you.

Till then...


Anonymous said...

Nice B-Day cake Yum
Happy Birthday. Weather Great here. Ingrid

Anonymous said...

its jayses boilin over here in oz
jamie has a canadian mate called reece hes a farmer boy from somewhere in alberta nice kid
david is an apprentice chef and sarah is studious as ever deirdre and me are very chilled out and relaxed life is good hope all is goin well for you in your new job talk to you soon