Monday, October 5, 2009

My girls, they are a'agin'...

Welcome to Eden in October. It is still very green here, chilly nights, crisp mornings and lovely warm days. With snow on the mountain tops! Being quite new to Eden, it is very odd, seeing all this greenery around me at this time of year. I love it! Oh,and by the way, Dad's Rose Bush is blooming again!! This is what I've always imagined Fall should be...

We had a terrific visit with Dan and Gwen last weekend...good luck with the "Gwen for Mare" campaign, Gwen. You've got my vote!

Our little Oreo had a wee bit of a stoke in August. We were afraid that she would not recover but, little trooper that she is, she seems to be recovering just fine thank you. Her eye and the side of her face are almost back to normal now...she is walking with more confidence altho' she seems to be quite inflamed and sore around her hips. She is eating and sleeping well. She doesn't have her voice back yet, we don't know that she ever will. Her contributions to our nightly conversations are rather labored..she opens her mouth to meow but no sound comes out...poor thing. She can still purr tho', and she does a good job of that! Here's hoping she continues on her road to recovery or at least, maintains the level of recovery she has achieved. I just can't believe that all of my little charges are 12...they come to us as orphans, asking only for the very basics of life...good food and fresh water on a regular basis, a warm place to lay their head, the odd kind word here and there, a gentle hand...before you know it, they are seniors...geriatrics of their breed...As you know, we lost our Lily in April. Mim - er, Sylvia, has developed Cataracts (but she has certainly not slowed down a bit!), Oreo has her issues...the only one issue-free at the moment is Dennis, my Dad's feisty feline friend. She is still healthy and very active. Particularly at 2 a.m

We have made Peach jam and Pear jam. Now, with the Huckleberry jam we should be okay for the winter. We still have to harvest our grape crop so I would imagine we will also have quite a supply of grape jelly. We have also put down quite a crop of tomatoes. We still have Plums to put down...hmmmm maybe I'll make - wait for it - JAM! This week, we will be making Apple Juice.

We are continuing to reclaim the gardens. We got the pond finished and we are doing the surrounding planting. One area down, many left to go. It's a jungle out there!

Kath the Slapper is coming for a visit this weekend...arriving on Friday morning and leaving on Monday...a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be!

Well, that's it for now...I'll be in touch. Meanwhile, take care. Living on the Ledge is, well, just fine these days.

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