Friday, October 8, 2010

Playing Catch-up...

Well, where did I leave off?? I think it was June when I wrote last...the entire summer has flown past and now it is Thanksgiving weekend...
July - WOW! Can
you believe it...we spent a few days, meandering our way back was a wonderful trip. We took a completely different route, and stopped and explored whenever we felt like it. We found a place called...wait for it...DOOLEY, MONTANA! Yep, it's true...and here's the proof...

The town ceased being a town in 1957... all that is left is one house (I guess the "town" caretaker lives there), the old Church that is falling down, this big rock and a whole bunch of tumble weed. We have no idea how we navigated these smallcountry lanes, with cattle gates every 1/4 mile...all in our 32' motorhome....but we made it.

We had lots of fun at Graham's birthday party...great to see all our friends again...Casey and Steve are engaged now - getting married on 10-10-10! Congratulations to them! They are taking Graham on their honeymoon with them, to Banff. From Banff, Graham is coming to visit us! Looking forward to it!

We enjoyed dinner with my sisters, brothers, cousins, Aunt and Uncle Bob. Glad to report that Uncle Bob is feeling fairly well - and certainly got his appetite back! Keep up the fight, Uncle Bob! And the newest addition - Hunter, 7 months old is a terrific looking little guy. And really good, too! He just ate his supper and napped...excellent restaurant manners! It was so special to see all my sibs's been over a year. I have missed you all and love you very much. While we were home, I talked to an old school chum that I lost touch with...Ester! I was lucky enough to be able to chat with her for a few minutes - for the first time in 'way too many years! I hope that we will be able to get together someday soon...

Then, in August - my precious Katie...decided that she didn't want to come spend the summer with us...she's 13 now and full of the teenaged angst...I guess she just doesn't realize how cool her Grampa and I really are...she prefered to stay at home, with her friends. Sigh...but, we ARE cool...aren't we, Hailey?!

Hailey came - she knows how cool we are...we had so much fun,
picking Cherries, going to the beach, the splash park, hanging out..
.I can't wait to do it again!

What great fun we had!
Hailey is such a wonderful little girl, with a fantastic sense of humor!

In September, we were thrilled to be able to meet up with old friends again, at one of their reunion concerts. The Carlton Showband, reunited after 14 years. We saw Fred and his wife MaryAnn about 5 years ago but other than that, we hadn't seen the rest of the guys since their farewell tour
"Time Gentlemen, Please".

We met up with friends John and Nicole and all had a blast during the show and for a drink and a visit with the guys afterwards!
Thanks for a wonderful birthday, guys!

And now it's October, Thanksgiving weekend - have I mentioned that already? So far this fall I have taken a Creative Writing workshop (it was okay) and a Paper Painting workshop (FANtastic!!) I LOVED it! I think I must pursue this...I hope my play time with clay and buttons doesn't suffer too much.
And M'Dooley gave me another dog!! Yay! I have yearned for the pitter patter of little paws on the kitchen floor for a long, long time. I still have my Mimi, of course, and love her to bits but I have missed my Lily very much. I now have a little boy - a Great Pyrenees little boy!! Look at this..................

He's a bit underweight but should not take long to get his weight up.

And then there's Mimi...take a look at her face....

How thrilled do you think she is at having a big galoot of a brother around the house?
I think not too thrilled. Hopefully she'll adjust....Dennis doesn't seem to mind the boy at all but Oreo had him backed into a corner last night. Sigh...this may not be as easy as we had hoped!

We are having our dear friends over for the big turkey meal on Sunday...looking forward to it.
Let's talk again soon, okay?

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Anonymous said...

yes, lets talk soon, shall we. luv you guys and all the family. Now you no longer need a pony hahahaha IV